Our Goal is to provide Homeowners and Contractors a common vision for a remarkable Outdoor Living Environment. We bring together all the elements of an amazing backyard experience.

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From complex to simplistic – creating a perfect Outdoor Living Space requires extensive experience in site assessment, understanding lifestyle goals, practical construction knowledge and most importantly Creativity.

A Bona Fide Pool Guy. I grew up testing water in my father’s pool store and working with the service crews. During college I sold Portable Hot Tubs and Above Ground Pools. After that I ran operations for Vinyl In-Ground Pool Installations. In 2005, I landed as a Designer / Estimator for a Gunite Pool Company and since then I have designed dozens of award winners and hundreds of Installed Pool Projects in the NYC Metro Area.

I have always been a designer. Blocks, Legos and LiteBrite gave way to Community Theater Sets and Props, which gave way to Sculpture, Wood, Ceramics and a medium that would become a permanent part of my life: http://www.glassblowing.com. The seasonality of Pools in the Northeast has allowed me to continue exploring my passion for this other fascinating liquid.

Relocated to Washington, DC in 2019 – Following my Wife Following Her Dreams