I help figure it out. What? It.

Design uses the minds eye to solve problems in a visually appealing way. Backyard Living Design incorporates functional use of spaces and decorative visual elements to appeal to all of the senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.

Informative Sessions – I consider this to be the most important part of a design. I offer an informative seminar on the Pool industry and its offerings. During this meeting clients are learning about options, pool construction and ownership while I am getting to know them and what they will want and need from a backyard experience.

Site Assessment – Once a client has decided to have a design made I will visit the site for an extensive review. I will take key dimensions and topographical measurements that will be needed for an accurate design. Photos of the existing home and site are taken for developing a visual 3D rendering. As well as drone photos for additional digital mapping of the home and neighborhood. I will also take some time to sit with the space while reviewing notes from our informative session.

Design – Everyone has their own approach. I’ve heard some praise the virtue of hand drawing concept sketches for each component first. I know some designers who begin with developing the clients top wish first. I like to start with building the digital existing site. I like to spend time making the property as accurate as possible. It helps me to see the house in the digital model and understand the various views to and from the house. It also helps me to get to know the nooks and crannies of the house and property. Once ready I block out any zoning or easement challenges and begin drawing the structures and features that have been swirling through my mind while building the digital house. I organically place a lot of the plant beds, walkways and terraces as the site plan begins to grow.

Review – Presenting to clients is always the most fun. Seeing their reactions to the initial design concept is always a treat. I typically prefer to show a 2 – 3 minute animated video, followed by digital stills, then ending with a VR experience using Oculus Rift. Candid open critique of the design is had and clients are pushed to examine the pros and cons of the plan. These notes are used to make revisions until the plan is satisfactory.

Bid Documents – Once the design is refined to the clients preference a bid document set is created to allow contractors and clients to have a common vision for the project. This package includes: Layout plans for pool, hardscape, plant beds, plumbing routes, landscape lighting, fencing, shade structures etc.