EC-40s to Infinity Edges

This was a blog post title that I’ve had in my head for several years. Unlike many of the people I meet who design luxury backyards – I did not start off as a Landscape Architect or Designer. I started off the way people in family run pool businesses start… with grunt work. Unloading trucks, stocking shelves, organizing the warehouse and cleaning display pools.

After my first few months – at the ripe age of 14… the lead pool service tech was having me help him replace the tube sheets of a Hayward DE Perflex EC-40 above ground pool filter. It was an exciting day. He set me up with my own tool bucket complete with a set of hand tools, ratchet set for the 2 dozen bolts / nuts I would become proficient at undoing, and my first cordless drill. A 9.6v Mikita that I still have to this day.

DE filters are great for cleanliness but miserable for service. Over my first 5 years in the pool world I probably serviced hundreds of these filters including the inground EC-65 and even some older units. I became a Perflex filter Expert… I could diagnose, estimate and perform every repair imaginable on that line of pool filters… it also meant I was thrilled when new technology became available and we started building with filters that were easier to service.

Having continued to grow in my industry I often think back to my days sitting on upside down bucket in the warehouse workshop – servicing above ground pool filters. I can’t help but think that this foundational understanding of my trade helps me to this day.

While designing high end luxury backyards – I’m not necessarily thinking about the guts of a Perflex filter – but I would like to think I pull from all my experiences if and when they are relevant.

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