CBP – Instructor Status

I remember vividly the first time I met with a manufacturer rep. She was there to train me and a couple others on Baquacil, a late 80’s – 90’s chorine alternative.

She seemed so professional and informed. She carried her self as a true expert of her product. I remember being thrilled to get some qualified education from a person who was from the industry.

A few seasons later I sat for my CPO certificate. A class and test that is needed to manage a commercial pool. Over the last couple decades I’ve enjoyed continuing to take classes and attend industry events. There is nothing better than breaking from day to day grind in order to look up and remind yourself about the big picture.

It’s fascinating to see the needed embrace in education. The pool industry like the glass world was at one time a guarded secret. Knowledge only handed down from builders to assistants… now there are multiple fraternal organizations that are breeding collaboration and education into the field… or pool I should say!

Yesterday I qualified to teach the CBP class for the APSP. This certification is the first of its kind. Some states are beginning to require this industry class / test in order to obtain permits and conduct business in their home area. It challenges builders to demonstrate a working understanding of most parts of the industry. Many builders struggle with the general knowledge aspects of the industry as a whole – and this class is a way to ensure a higher level of professionalism for our industry. I first received my certification in 2014 and have continued to maintain my Certified Building Professional status since. In addition to the 3 hr exam; CBPs are required to maintain a certain number of Continuing Education credit hours. Now as an instructor, I look forward to helping my peers elevate their own accreditation in the Pool World.

EC-40s to Infinity Edges

This was a blog post title that I’ve had in my head for several years. Unlike many of the people I meet who design luxury backyards – I did not start off as a Landscape Architect or Designer. I started off the way people in family run pool businesses start… with grunt work. Unloading trucks, stocking shelves, organizing the warehouse and cleaning display pools.

After my first few months – at the ripe age of 14… the lead pool service tech was having me help him replace the tube sheets of a Hayward DE Perflex EC-40 above ground pool filter. It was an exciting day. He set me up with my own tool bucket complete with a set of hand tools, ratchet set for the 2 dozen bolts / nuts I would become proficient at undoing, and my first cordless drill. A 9.6v Mikita that I still have to this day.

DE filters are great for cleanliness but miserable for service. Over my first 5 years in the pool world I probably serviced hundreds of these filters including the inground EC-65 and even some older units. I became a Perflex filter Expert… I could diagnose, estimate and perform every repair imaginable on that line of pool filters… it also meant I was thrilled when new technology became available and we started building with filters that were easier to service.

Having continued to grow in my industry I often think back to my days sitting on upside down bucket in the warehouse workshop – servicing above ground pool filters. I can’t help but think that this foundational understanding of my trade helps me to this day.

While designing high end luxury backyards – I’m not necessarily thinking about the guts of a Perflex filter – but I would like to think I pull from all my experiences if and when they are relevant.